Product Buying

As per your given information, we will order the product or buy from the store specified.

Product Storage & Packaging

After pickup, we will check the product, store and pack the products with complete protection.

Product Delivery

Once the product details are confirmed as the same as you asked for, we will arrange for shipping and delivery to your of the via trustworthy transportation in 3 days.


As an overseas resident, to shop your best-loved products from India and get delivered to your destination, Aalves can be your trustworthy personal shop consultant. Our process is as follows,

To buy a product from any site like Amazon, Shopclues, within 3 days, copy and message us the product link in the online store.

To shop from a store nearby like the Lifestyle, Reliance Trends, Chennai Silks in any location of India, get in touch with the product and store details.

Aalves experts will check and estimate the product cost along with its transportation charges to your location and message you back immediately. (The exact product cost will be indicated)

Depending upon your response, we will proceed to purchase the product as mentioned.

After purchasing, we will coordinate, track and receive the purchased product at our place on the prescribed time.

After receiving the packages, you will be informed of the product arrival.

Also, if in case of any damage or inappropriate product received, we will make sure to inform you about the same and opt for returns & refund instantly.

horough verification of every product received is implemented. Once we find your expectations are met, we will initiate the transfer process to reach you in just 3 DAYS.

We care for your products and so will pack the items securely to avoid any destruction during travel. Along with warranty card, invoice or other attached information, your products will be shipped to your destination anywhere in the world.

We will keep track of the travel until the shipped product is handed over to you in person.

Likewise, we follow the same steps for Indian & Sri Lankan people who search to buy products from stores in the UK. We certainly make it easy and quick to shop your favourite products from different places in UK.