Frequently Asked Questions

Gross Weight means the weight of the box after the packing.

The Parcel will be properly packed under your supervision to your satisfaction. We are not responsible for the damage of the goods.

Most international shipments are required to go through a customs clearance procedure. When this happens, a clearance delay may occur which slows down the clearance process and delivery of the goods. We are not responsible for such delays as it is beyond our control.

Yes, any homemade foods like pickles, Sweets, Snacks can be sent.

Our rate of 500Rs per Kg includes the labor cost of packing but not materials used for packing, which would be charged at nominal rates.

The rates vary according to weight and promotional rates available at the current time. The rates page has the most current details. The quoted rates does not include Service Tax which the government is presently charging at 12.36%.

All Food materials should be compulsorily packed with NRI packing (Vaccum sealed packing) to avoid damage to the package and other packages. For pickles, the charges are Rs.30/- and for all other Food Materials it will be charged Rs. 20/-

No weight restriction, however if about 150 kgs, Please contact for better discounted rates. These heavier packages will go in as one consignment but with multiple boxes for easier handling.

No, Office will be closed on Sundays.

Weight for payment is the higher of the physical and volumetric weight. The Volumetric weight calculation varies between domestic and internation and that calculation is provided under "Volume" tab on the website. For example, if the actual weight is 10 kgs and the volumetric weight is 12 kgs, then the charges are based on 12 kgs. Also the weights are always rounded to the nearest 0.5 kg. If the weight is 10.2 kgs, then payment is taken for 10.5 kgs.